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Painting a Mural on a Garage Door

When painting a mural, you’re always looking to make an impression. The location, shape, and size of the facade are almost equally as important as the painting that we create upon it.

If you have an art-loving family that welcomes your creations all around the home, then one place that might be begging to be the focus of your next creative masterpiece might be your garage door. Think about it, it’s large, it’s flat, and in most cases it’s already painted white. It’s essentially a component of your household that is just begging for a creative injection. If you decide to face this undertaking head on, there are a few things you might want to consider on your journey.

Preparing the Work Surface

As mentioned before, the great thing about a garage door is that it is probably already painted white. This means you won’t need any sort of priming before you start your artwork. However, if it’s not painted white you’ll want to give it a thorough coat of primer after you’ve completed these preparation steps.

To prepare your garage door for painting you’ll want to put painters tape over all of the windows, any metal fixtures, and any of the components of the tracks. You’ll want to tape off the trim of the garage as well, and make sure that any of the surfaces that you want to leave untouched are properly protected. Once all of that is complete, you’ll want to make sure the garage door is clean and ready to accept paint. At a minimum you’ll want to wipe it down with a damp cloth, and in some cases it might need a good scrub with soap and water. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly when you’re done.

Consider the Functionality

One thing to keep in mind as you get started in the creative process is that the place you’ve chosen to paint is mobile. The garage door will be able to open or close at any given time. If it doesn’t you’ll probably want to replace the garage door opener. You can even find a smart garage door opener that will function with other smart devices, perhaps this is something you can integrate with your creative piece.

You may want to take advantage of the fact that the garage door opens and closes. An obvious application would be to paint a picture of a mouth so your cars will get “eaten” every time you park. You’re creative though, so I’m sure you can come up with something a bit more clever.

With all of that out of the way, get on with painting your masterpiece. When you’re done you’ll want to take some efforts to preserve your work.

Preserving Your Masterpiece

Once you’ve finished your ambitiously creative mural on your garage door, you’ll want to take some measures to ensure that it lasts. As we mentioned earlier garage doors do move quite frequently. They’re also exposed to the elements, so without a little extra protection the colors will be inclined to fade and even worse, you can see chipping away of the paint over time.

To prevent this, you’ll want to make sure to apply a thorough coat of clear coat once your finished. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the paint you used for your mural is compatible with the clear coat, so that’s another thing to keep in mind. You might be best off using all exterior paint, though you may be somewhat limited in the colors. You could of course add some pigments of your own.

Let us know how your garage door mural goes if you decide to give it a shot. We’d love to see how it comes out!

How to Design a Beautiful Dog Room for Your Family Pooch

When you get a new puppy, you need to create a space specifically designed for them. It’s a place for them to relax and sleep while you are in bed or at work. Naturally, you want your dog to be as comfortable as possible while in their space within your home while also emphasizing safety and style. If you’re wondering how to make a dog room, here are some great indoor puppy pens or dog sleeping area ideas. 

What You Need

A puppy pen can benefit from the inclusion of a number of items to keep your dog happy. Some of the basics are:

  • dog crate
  • dog bed
  • toys
  • water bowl
  • wee-wee pads

Naturally, you will have the option to get a number of other items for your dog’s space as well. Let your imagination roam. Once you have these items, you need an area to put everything. 

Picking a Location

Picking the right place for your dog’s living space is crucial in making a dog room. First, you need to pick a room with easy to clean floors. You should probably avoid carpet and – to a lesser extent – wood. Tile is generally the best option since it doesn’t stain. The area should also be large enough for your dog to be comfortable and store everything while not being so big that they can cause trouble or go potty in multiple areas. The size of the area depends on several things, but mostly the size and activity level of the dog. Your dog will help tell you if the area is too big or too small with their behavior. 

Setting Up

When setting up your dog room, the first step is to properly secure the area you selected. How can you go about keeping your pet out of the room with you work? Well, if you have a puppy-proofed the bathroom, you can simply shut the door. Just remember to put everything that can be damaged out of reach. Some people utilize walk-in closets or porches, too. You just have to learn how to dog proof a room. If you don’t have a room that works for your purposes, you can buy a gate. Be sure to secure the gate properly every time it is in use. 

Once you’ve established a secure area, it’s time to place the biggest items, such as a rug, a crate, and a bed. Make sure the dog can’t jump on the crate to reach things you don’t want them to reach. Next, you get to place smaller items. Scatter some toys throughout the room so the dog has plenty of entertainment. 

Be thoughtful about the placement of your items as you set up your dog’s room. The wee pads should probably go in a corner away from everything else. The crate can be between the wee pads and the bed/toys. You can also make the crate look like furniture if you’d like to help it jive with the decor of your home.

a tired dog

Introducing Your Pet to the Dog Room

When your dog is ready, it’s time to introduce your pet to their new home. Now, this shouldn’t be a problem considering there will be a number of toys for them to play with. If that still doesn’t work, use treats. Once the puppy is happily playing with their toy or eating their treat, quietly leave for a couple of minutes. Come back without any fanfare and let the dog out. Continue this process while gradually increasing the amount of time you are gone. If your puppy does start to act up when you walk away, you could try a calming scent. They sell products specifically designed to release pheromones that will help your easily excitable god relax when you leave. 

Time Spent in Dog Room

Dog rooms are designed for long term puppy confinement area. A dog room is a great place for the dog, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave them there for too long. A puppy needs to get out to play a little bit and go to the bathroom. Also, try not to keep the dog in the crate for more than six hours. If you do need to be gone for longer than this, you should hire someone to come and walk the dog about halfway through the day. Ask a friend, family member, or neighbor who is home during the day. There are even apps available if you don’t know anyone. 

If you are going to keep them in there for a long time, you should be sure to give the puppy exercise first. They will be happy to go to their bed and relax and drink water after a nice run or game of fetch. 

Similarly to when you introduce the dog to the puppy pen, you want to introduce your dog to long term confinement gradually. If you ease them into it, it will be less of a shock to them. 

Why a Dog Room

Some people may wonder exactly how necessary it is to create a dog room. Can’t you just leave the dog alone for a couple of hours without making a whole area for them to stay in? Well, you could by keeping a dog confined to one ordinary room. However, the effort into making a dog room can help reduce stress down the line and also make your dog feel like they have a place of their own to call home. Here are just some of the reasons to have a dog room:

Contain accidents

Puppies have accidents while potty training. It comes with the territory. You don’t want to come home and have to spend your evening searching the house for the source of the poop you smell. Plus, who knows when you’ll find a present you didn’t smell right away? In the dog room, you will have a wee-wee pad ready for the puppy to use if they can’t wait for you to get home. This helps contain accidents and makes it easier to clean up. Ideally, the dog will not even have accidents in the puppy pen. 

Protect your property

One of the main reasons you want to keep your puppy in one place is to prevent them from damaging your property while you are away. Puppies tend to have a lot of energy. If they are left alone too long, this energy could be used to chew pillows or tear up the toilet paper. While the dog is in the dog room, they won’t be able to reach any furniture or toilet paper. You will walk in, and everything will be intact. 

Make your dog feel comfortable

The dog room is an area of your home filled with all of your dog’s stuff. It’s a place they can call home. Just like you like to go unwind in your home with all your stuff, they like to have a spot to feel comfortable. 

Peace of mind

When you put your pet in the dog room before you leave for the day, you can rest assured your dog and your home will be safe. You won’t be worrying about whether your dog is acting a fool in your house. This will allow you to be in the moment while you are out. 

Teach a dog to be calm

When a dog is kept in one little place, they won’t have too much to do. Eventually, they will relax and sleep. After a time you will notice that the dog is calmer in general. This is perfect for wild puppies who could use some relaxation in their life. 

Dog Safety

Your dog’s safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to making a dog room. 

First, just look around for potential hazards. Common hazards include electrical cords, curtains, window shade cords, plants, and small objects they can choke on. you should also make a point to properly secure the gate or room you are using for the puppy pen. For additional security, consider installing a camera for you to watch your dog from wherever you may be. 

dog resting on couch

Keeping it Stylish

Once you’ve made the dog room effective and safe, it’s time to decorate. It doesn’t have to be a dog-themed room, but your dog deserves a space that allows them to express their own personal style, whatever that might be. Pick a color scheme that’s both fun and not too light (you want to be able to hide stains). Paint the walls a fun color and put up fun artwork related to dogs. Just make sure not to put the artwork in a place where the dog can knock it down. You should also get a dog bed and toys. Make sure the dog bed fits into your color scheme.

You can also put a decorative blanket over the cage and put down a fun rug. Just make sure you don’t mind these items getting slobber on them. 

The dog room serves as a puppy pen, and it is your opportunity to have some fun with your design aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to be playful and colorful. Unless your dog has a different personality. Your dog may prefer a sophisticated sleek look with lots of blacks and grays. You can even mix and match styles if your dog likes to switch things up. Whatever it may be, enjoy yourself while decorating. 

Dog Room vs. Crate Training

It can be very easy for people to confuse building a dog room with crate training. However, they are two very different creatures – and in fact, a dog room often has a crate inside of it. Since the dog room provides that much more space, your dog can be left there for much longer than in a dog crate. Also, dogs tend to enjoy the mobility of a dog room way more than a crate. A dog crate offers many benefits of its own though, as it taps into a dog’s tendency to want to burrow in a den. Keep in mind that you need to put the dog room in a dog-proof area, and it can require a substantial amount of space.

Tips For Using a Dog Room

You want to make the most out of your dog room. Here are some tips on how to utilize it in the best way. 

Keep food out of the dog room

While potty training, you should make a point to keep food out of the dog room. You can try using a closed bowl where you feed the dog on a regular schedule. This will help their digestive system move regularly. Basically, there will be fewer accidents this way. That doesn’t mean you can’t give them one treat before you leave, though.  

Use dog room when you are at home

You want your puppy to feel comfortable in the dog room at all times. Use the dog room when you are at home but leave an opening so that they don’t feel trapped. You want them to feel at home there. You don’t want them to see going to the dog room as a sign that you are leaving, because it can cause them to dislike it. 

Don’t listen to barking or whining

You don’t want to teach your dog that barking or whining will help them get their way. If your dog starts getting vocal after you put them in the dog room, you should not respond in any way. 

Consider a Dog TV

If you put the dog close to the living room, you can even place things in a way where the dog can watch tv. There are channels specifically made to entertain dogs while you are away. Put the channel on before you leave to help distract them. 

Your puppy deserves to be happy and safe. And you deserve to come home to a clean home. Creating a DIY dog den or dog room can help make both things a reality. Your puppy will have more room than if you just put them in a creative, and you’ll still be relieved to know they can’t get into anything while you are away. This might also make you have the right decision if you should let your dog roam the house at night. Once you’ve confined them to their playpen while you’re away, they will be just as comfortable as if you were home. It’ll almost be like you never left.

Contemporary Garage Design – Here are Some Tips to Keep In Mind

You probably already know that the garage was the birthplace of some of the top billion dollar companies in the world. Unfortunately, this life-changing living space is not given as much credit as it deserves. Why? Nobody knows.

So, maybe you just bought some property or moved in some new area and are thinking of customizing your garage with contemporary designs. It won’t be easy. Don’t worry though. Here are some few tips prepared exclusively just to help you out.

Always attach

One challenge when choosing a garage design is whether to go for a detached or attached garage. The detached might seem tempting, but it would be more advisable to go for an attached model. The first reason is convenience, especially during harsh weather conditions.

Just imagine your bathroom was a couple of meters from your house and you had to defecate, in winter! Get the picture?

Besides that, the attached garage has cheaper ventilation and electrical installation costs, thus enabling you to save some of that hard-earned cash.

Contrast for beauty

A contrasting look will definitely boost your garage’s overall look as compared to a plain uniform design. For starters, you could try using wooden doors and stone veneer siding. Not only would this fit your contrast needs, but it would also add a more natural outlook to your garage.

Additionally, you could also try painting. Warning! Don’t DIY this if you are not a professional painter. Try using vibrant colors for the garage doors and something soft for the outer regions.

Remember to use the right blends though or else you’ll end up with a circus. White and grey would not be a bad choice for a modern look.

Lo and behold, a disappearing act!

Automate your garage for more space. Now, this is not just garage doors but the entire garage floor as well. Yes, you can automate your floor by installing a disappearing underground car park, which will make your garage the new centerpiece of your entire property. For the doors, you can check out garage opener product reviews for great options.

With more space, you will be able to convert limited garage space into a car park, man cave, band room, or workspace simultaneously. It will cost you some extra bucks though.

Combine this with some little deluxe fittings and quality furniture and you’ll be on a whole other level of ‘bat cave’ cool! Perhaps even the new talk of the neighborhood.

Edge with style

Enough with the square garage! It’s time for something different, daring, and stylish. Edging your garage is great. In fact, the edgier your garage is the more stylish and elegant it looks. Here’s a challenge for you though. Be creative with your roofing. For instance, you could install double sloping roofs that slant in opposite sideways directions. Avoid the traditional front to back slope or central peaked slope.

In case you feel a bit daring, you could go for curved garage edges and walls to give you some sort of spaceship design. This will make your garage open up a little bit of room, not to mention increase its overall contemporary visual appeal. You’ll need to consult a garage architect to help you out.

Ultra Violet and Redefining Gender, Two Trends For Contemporary Art 2018

Contemporary Art changes all the time as artist and critics look for fresh and engaging ideas and mediums. You have artists that have been around for years and a fresh crop of artist every year looking to make a difference. In 2017 there have been several trends and themes in contemporary art that will spill over into 2018.

The Expansion of Gender

A little pink and a little light blue, a girl or a boy we are used to gender just being this. As children grow these days, there seems to be the interior self that may conflict with the body part with which one is born with this is trending. Also, LGBT and same-sex issues are very prevalent in contemporary art in 2018. If a person is confused about whether they are a male or female or who they should love, art is a way to express the stress and confusion this might cause a person.

Ultra Violet and Lots of Shades and Tints of Purple

Purple is synonymous with royalty, but in this case, Ultra-violet has more to do with ascension and peace. There will be a lot of purple in contemporary art as well as design. Not just any shade of purple, but add a little white or a little black, as well as a small amount of the other colors of the color wheel. This gives you an infinite amount of violets and purples you can use in art.

Artifical Inteligence, Technology, Android

Technology is no longer just something we use. It is a design and it is here to stay. The texture, shine, and futuristic look of artificial beings, tech products and ideas are all subjects for artists to explore and use in their artwork. The future is space and tech is today.

Repurposing The Old

If you are an environmentally conscious artist in 2018 contemporary art, you may not want to add to the cesspool of toxic things in this world. The idea of repurposing old materials and themes into art can create a visual explosion. Why reinvent the wheel when you can build on what already is. Melding modern with the old will continue in 2018 in contemporary art.

Art is a free for all field where you can create something amazing. It is an exciting year for 2018 in contemporary art. There are many exciting themes and ideas floating around. Not mentioned also is quiet space and the continuing ability to help people find peace away from the hectic crowded business life. There is no doubt you will find something intriguing in galleries and beyond in 2018 in contemporary art.