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How to Design a Beautiful Living Area for Your Family Dog

Do you own a family dog? It is critical to ensure your dog has a safe space to stay in the living room. Since it is a dog, you need to make sure your dog feels at home. You will need to reorganize your living area to find an appropriate place for your dog. Some people think the process is expensive. However, it is possible to create a beautiful living area for your dog affordably.

Why the Living Area?

There are other various rooms that you can decide to create a dog space. So why should you prefer the living room? Dogs are generally social animals. They like staying where everyone else is seated. The living room is the best place putting into consideration that the dog will feel more at home where people gather.

You have to make sure that your dog feels at home. One way of doing so is by creating their area within the living room. Dogs love to have a space that is exclusively theirs.

In addition to making the dog feel like part of the family, the dog area may add to the beauty of the living room. Designing the dog area well adds decorative features to the entire living room.

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Living Area

1. Determine A Suitable Place

You need to determine where the dog area will be in the living room. Pick a location that does not have much traffic. This will ensure that the dog will be able to rest in peace. Dogs do not need a lot of space. A small area will be enough. Pick a location where the dog will be near the family members. Do not alienate the dog by creating their area further from where the family seats.

2. The Safety Of The Dog

After choosing the suitable location, the next step is ensuring there is a safe environment for the dog. Look around the place selected to see if any materials may harm the dog. Depending on the age of your dog, provide a dog-proof environment.

Young dogs are at risk as they are likely to run around and play a lot. Remove hazardous materials such as electric cables and dustbins around the dog area. To ensure there is comfortable and bearable room temperature for your dog set the thermostat right to regulate temperature.

3. Mobilize Resources for your Dog’s Comfort

The family dog also needs to stay and relax on a comfortable surface. Make sure you find a soft bed for your dog. Dogs spend most of their time sleeping. Even if your dog is rambunctious and needs to reside in an escape proof dog crate, it’s essential to make sure that they are comfortable when resting.

You can add a blanket for burrowing purposes. Other times instead of the bed, you can use crates creatively. Get stylish dog bowls, food bowls, and toy boxes.

4. Decorate the Dog Area

The dog area has to look amazing and add to the décor of the entire living room. There are various economic ways that you can follow to make the place look spectacular. Create a murphy bed that has matching colors with those of the furniture in the living area. You can also opt for a cabinet and decorate it well.

Look for feeding mats with colorful shades. The toy chest is also good at adding to the scenery. Look for baskets with good matching colors and use them to store dog toys in the dog area. When you have tiled or polished living room floors, look for rubber mats. Find mats with beautiful colors and put them near the dog area to improve the safety of the dog.

There are many places within the living room that you can creatively design a dog area. Some of them include under the stairs or on luxury crates. You can decorate the walls around the dog area with creative artwork.

Modern Art? Making a Sculpture from a Mattress

These days, people are upcycling like crazy. You can pretty much take any piece of trash and turn it into your next masterpiece. Upcycling was definitely a big trend in 2017, and we anticipate that it will be more prevalent throughout 2018 and beyond. Environmental preservation is a huge social movement, and as long as people are reducing, reusing, and recycling, art is a great venue to show your support for the cause.

Before you have your mattress ready for the garbage man to pick up, stop and think of what it means to you. It could be that you are about to waste the most artistic piece in your home. There’s a lot of compartments to a mattress, but if you’re not thinking about how valuable your mattress really is you could be wasting your talent.

The parts of a mattress seem to be complex, but in fact, they are amazingly simple to use. Before diving in and taking this mattress apart, brainstorm about the way you can use it. To come up with a contemporary sculpture, your strategy should be written down so you will know for yourself exactly what it is that you’re inventing. The springs are a great place to start. Make sure to set aside 15 for the parts that you have to do later. Have a hammer and wrench handy in case you need them, the sculpture itself will takes some hard work but it will be a lot of fun to make.

Twist and connect each spring piece to form a circle. Then as you think about what to do with the cotton, you are layering the cotton onto the springs and wrapping it around them like a ribbon. It may be easier to rub the cotton back and forth in your hands as if you’re trying to cause friction. This will help the cotton mimic the ribbon. Cut the wood that was in the mattress in half. After you’re finished with all of that, take the magnets and glue some to the wood and the rest to the sculpture. Make sure the wood is surrounding as much of the springs as possible.

After that is complete, you take a saw and go down the front of the sculpture to form a u-shape on one side of the sculpture. It should look like it has a dip in the front. Take those pieces of wood that were cut and glue them to the back of the sculpture toward the highest part of it. Place cotton in the middle of the sculpture but hold it in place with glue.

Take the springs that you did not use and overlap them. You want them to look like you’re weaving a basket. Stuff the holes with memory foam as needed for aesthetic purposes – the best memory foam mattress toppers are extremely pliable and will fit anywhere you need to fill the void. You want to find memory foam that is designed to hold up to the test of time, as many lower-quality memory foams will lose their resilience. This, over time, would lead to drooping and won’t give your structure the support that it needs.

Before adding the springs to the bottom of your sculpture, measure the circumference of it. You want the bottom piece to fit in the bottom like a lid. After you finished working on your art, you realized that you made a steel bongo. Be sure to have enough cotton around the top to make sure you don’t hurt your hands. You never thought you would be able to come up with something like this. Your sleep has helped you become an artist.