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Great Ways to Add Modern Art to Your Home

Modern art has recently grown in popularity as an important form of interior design for both artists and homeowners. This art form reflects the creative thinking of various artists from all genres and has become highly popular as a result. The majority of modern art pieces feature animals, most commonly dogs. The majority of artists find their inspiration for these pieces by observing their dogs in the position that they typically live in – on a back porch. Many times you’ll see a dog walking around with its head turned towards the sky as it plays with the branches of a tree, just a classic example of what can be considered a modern composition.

Paintings are another way to incorporate modern art in the home. Paintings allow the artist to capture his or her artistic vision onto a variety of surfaces. Canvas paintings have been around for centuries and can be painted on any type of surface. The great thing about using paintings in the home is that you do not have to worry about them being damaged by humid weather or children playing around. The protective coating on canvas makes this type of interior design easy to clean, unlike paintings that are made of wood.

Man with modern art in background.

Another form of modern art for the home is impressionism. Impressionism is an artistic style that grew out of the popularity of Cubism and art nouveau style paintings. Many of the ideas that are associated with impressionism can also be found in other forms of modern art. Some paintings feature a blurred picture of a person looking right at a painting. Other paintings include busy objects in the foreground while the person’s eye is trained on a beautiful masterpiece in the distance.

Pre-Raphaelites were artists that lived in the West Country of England. They focused their paintings on rural landscapes. They usually painted a scene such as a peaceful countryside with plenty of flowers and wildlife. There are many different sizes and shapes of paintings from these artists including; portrait paintings, landscape paintings, portrait paintings, watercolors, oils, candlesticks, lantern paintings, candelabras and even illuminated manuscripts.

Pop art is another way of presenting modern art for the home. Pop art comes from artists such as Andy Warhol. The ideas presented in his work are bright and fast paced. Many of his paintings feature food, beverages or accessories that relate to popular culture of the day such as milk, soda cans or baseball cards. These paintings can be used as a conversation piece at dinner parties and can be enjoyed by all the people in the room.

Some of the pieces that can be considered pop art for the home include; Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley’s rock band, Jimi Hendrix’s Animals, Jimi Hendrix’s Electric guitar, Jimi Hendrix’s Black Sabbath album, Bob Dylan’s solo record, Double Fantasy, and Washington Post’s home and garden section. Other popular modern paintings that are now offered for sale include; Michael Jackson’s Thriller cover, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teenage Love, Warhol’s Mona Lisa, and Walt Disney’s Cinderella. These and many more are on display at the county arts center, Anderson County museum and gallery, county courthouse and county park district, Hilton Head Museum and Gardens, and the Florida Museum of Modern Art.

Living room with art display.

Art decor is another area of interest in the modern category of contemporary artwork for the home. This type of art consists of framed paintings and other decorative items that are up dated with recent art style and concepts. The majority of contemporary artwork types were produced in the last century and is mostly based on color tones, geometric shapes, and unique artistic renderings.

The painting styles for contemporary decorative items are almost limitless. The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing contemporary artwork as a decorative touch for the interior of a home. Most of these items are manufactured in frames made of metal, wood, clear plastic, resin, or glass. Some other commonly used materials in contemporary decorating are; copper, acrylics, gold, silver, tin, enamel, ceramic, paper, bamboo, wood, natural stone, and/or leather.

Is An Electric Fireplace A Worthwhile Addition To A Modern Home?

Electric fireplaces are some of the best and most comfortable fireplaces that provide their users with bright light and sufficient warmth. Electric fireplaces have become one of the most popular rooms in modern homes because of their advantages over traditional wood and gas fireplaces. Is an electric fireplace a worthwhile addition to a modern home? Yes. Since they require neither a fireplace house nor a pre-installed fireplace, they are considered the best heating equipment for apartments and houses with modern furnishings. electric fireplaces that not only keep the rooms warm but also give the home an artistic charm. Electric fireplaces are great for a modern home. These fireplaces are mostly available in a variety of styles and designs. They do not need fuel and have many benefits. These fireplaces have generally gone through many transitions, making them truly the most demanding interior decoration in winter.

Modern homes combine realistic design, more attractive appearance, and high heat capabilities that provide the homeowner with a superior product that can heat a room quickly and efficiently. With features available such as remote controls and adjustable thermostats that are now almost standard, choosing a modern electric fireplace is simply a matter of keeping in mind your personal style and intended use.

The biggest advantage of electric fireplaces is that they can be used wherever heat is needed. You do not have to worry about sparks, coals, or ashes turning off the heater and possibly causing a fire. Units can be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles, so anyone can choose a unit that not only suits their location but can also be sure to choose a unit that complements their individual décor and style. Electric fireplaces provide instant heat and flame on-demand with no previous experience in starting and maintaining a live fire. No more hours, just to create a small flame by setting fire to a burner filled chimney that quickly exits. Since it is electrically operated, it provides a cheaper alternative to purchasing loads of firewood to continue live fire.

No pollution. Some people dislike the fact that gas and wood-burning fireplaces emit a certain amount of pollution. Even if the fireplace is extremely efficient and directs most of the pollution into the chimney, there are always risks. However, when dealing with an electric fireplace, you don’t have to worry about getting dirty. Since nothing really burns, there can be no pollution. All you have to do is plug in the fireplace and enjoy.

The greatest ease that an electric fireplace has to offer is that no materials are required to start it, in a traditional fireplace you have to light the wood, let it burn, and then make sure it is extinguished. Although most fireplace models have a thermostat, the temperature can be set so that the unit starts and stops when the desired temperature is reached. In addition, many models come with remote controls so that not only the temperature but also the brightness of the flame can be controlled.

Electric fireplaces create realistic-looking fires that not only heat the space but create a cozy and comfortable environment for homeowners. These devices are easy to move, are small and compact, and serve as an effective source of heating, and are a great purchase for someone who wants the ambiance and warmth of a natural fireplace.