Exene Cervenka

Exene Cervenka: Magical Meteorite Songwriting Device


DCKT Contemporary

Exene Cervenka’s provocative collages, which have garnered high praise in recent New York and Los Angeles gallery shows, are accompanied in this volume by a preface from Kristine McKenna. There is, in McKenna’s words, “an ineffable melancholy that permeates” Cervenka’s art, and a “haunting power to evoke a childhood lost.” In the work represented, you will find a “scent of longing and nostalgia… It is invariably tempered with the essential spirit of her art, which is tender and lyrical. In the end, each piece she’s made is a valentine to a fragile America that’s disappearing before our very eyes, and an homage to the indomitable persistence of beauty.” Hardcover, 50 pages

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