Irvin Morazan

Coyote Procession


Friday, January 7, 6pm

Coyote Procession: Friday, January 7, 6pm

Irvin Morazan, accompanied by a Mexican NorteƱo band (subway Mariachis), will lead a celebratory procession from the old DCKT Contemporary location (195 Bowery) to the new DCKT Contemporary location (237 Eldridge Street). Morazan will be wearing a headdress featuring a neon coyote, an animal that was used as a spiritual vehicle to transport the soul during ceremonies and rituals in Pre-Columbian times. Playing with the contemporary reference of El Coyote as a person paid to smuggle illegal immigrants, the procession highlights and celebrates the complications of passage and rebirth. An absurd ritual through space and time, the commemorative performance is an enactment of mobility, flux and continuity.

Irvin Morazan

DCKT Contemporary

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