DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present MICHAEL VELLIQUETTE’s second New York solo exhibition. VELLIQUETTE hand cuts and glues paper cardstock into complex dimensional assemblages reminiscent of the interiors of large-scale pop-up books or mosaics in high relief. In his current body of work Velliquette returns once again to garden and jungle settings where humorous and visually dense paper tableaux are populated with animistic spirits, beasts, goons and gods.

VELLIQUETTE’s primary material – commercially colored cardstock – has been made more available in recent years due to the rise in popularity of scrap-booking culture and the greater renaissance of the do-it-yourself home crafting movement. His interest in paper-crafting media evolves from of a background in mixed-media sculpture and installation where cardstock and other colored papers were often a component.

Clown Beast, Humbaba and Sleepy Bunny present offbeat characters as straightforward portraits. They are vaguely mythological, sometimes Muppet-like, both fierce and friendly and are concerned with the dynamics of familiarity and otherness. In Little Friends and The Midnight Creeper Society, armies of tiny paper beings hide in a sea of black paper foliage. With their wild and quizzical looks they seem to stare, taunt and warn.

The panoramic, eight-foot wide Grazing Ground and Abundant Creatures are inspired by ancient frescoes found on the Greek island of Santorini. Each work depicts an Arcadian paradise where menageries of imaginary wildlife cohabitate in utopian splendor.

Two vertical Towers venture into ever-increasing levels of detail and dimensionality. Each work takes visual cues from indigenous and folk arts of varied world cultures as a means of integrating abstract figuration and transcendental themes. They allow VELLIQUETTE to indulge in his unmitigated enthusiasm for shape and color and also gesture toward devotional ornamentation.

VELLIQUETTE lives and works in Madison, WI. His work is included in the Progressive Art Collection (Cleveland) and Western Bridge (Seattle). In 2009 he will be a resident artist at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan, WI). Recent solo exhibitions include LaMontagne Gallery (Boston) and NEXT 2008 (Chicago). In 2010 he will be included in the group exhibition Psychedelic at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

The exhibition will be on view at DCKT Contemporary, 195 Bowery (at Spring Street).
Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11am – 6pm; Saturday, noon – 6pm; Sunday, noon – 5pm.

For further information, please contact Dennis Christie or Ken Tyburski at the gallery.

Michael Velliquette

Abundant Creatures
May 8 - June 21, 2009



Michael Velliquette, Humbaba, 2008

Sleepy Bunny

Michael Velliquette, Sleepy Bunny, 2009

Happy Minotaur

Michael Velliquette, Happy Minotaur, 2008


Michael Velliquette, Snuggie, 2009

Blast Master

Michael Velliquette, Blast Master, 2009

El Profesor

Michael Velliquette, El Profesor, 2009

Green Beast

Michael Velliquette, Green Beast, 2008

Red Beast

Michael Velliquette, Red Beast, 2008

Lil Pinky

Michael Velliquette, Lil Pinky, 2008

Tower 1

Michael Velliquette, Tower 1, 2009

Grazing Ground

Michael Velliquette, Grazing Ground, 2008

Tower 2

Michael Velliquette, Tower 2, 2009

Abundant Creatures

Michael Velliquette, Abundant Creatures, 2009

The Midnight Creeper Society

Michael Velliquette, The Midnight Creeper Society, 2008

Little Friends

Michael Velliquette, Little Friends, 2008

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