DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present LIA HALLORAN’s second New York solo exhibition. The ten photographs on view were taken at night in various Los Angeles locations ranging from spaces appropriated by skateboarders, such as the Los Angeles River, to skate parks and backyard ramps.

The works blur the boundaries of photography and become self-portraits and drawings as well as records of performances. Light is used to form the drawing line while HALLORAN skateboards at night through different venues. The resulting images are each a trajectory of the artist’s movements over time. The photographs pair urban environments with lines of light which behave as physical objects or break apart into flurries of abstraction.

The images also have ghost-like connotations, showing action with no trace of a figure and leaving an after-image of where but not of whom. They become memory as well as exaggerations of architecture combined with landscape. The light pollution of the Los Angeles night sky is often heightened by the long exposure time of the camera.

HALLORAN is a 2001 MFA graduate of the Yale University School of Art and a 1999 BFA graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles. Her work is included in Space is the Place, a traveling exhibition organized by Independent Curators International, on view at the Hudson River Museum through September 8.


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Lia Halloran: Dark Skate

Lia Halloran

Dark Skate
July 23 - September 13, 2008
Opens July 23, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Dark Skate / LA River Bridge

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / LA River Bridge, 2007

Dark Skate / San Pedro Self-Built

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / San Pedro Self-Built, 2008

Dark Skate / Downtown

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / Downtown, 2007

Dark Skate / Upland Full Pipe

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / Upland Full Pipe, 2008

Dark Skate / Backyard

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / Backyard, 2007

Dark Skate / Pasadena Hill

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / Pasadena Hill, 2007

Dark Skate / South Pas Symmetry

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / South Pas Symmetry, 2007

Dark Skate / LA River Tree

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / LA River Tree, 2007

Dark Skate / Duarte

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / Duarte, 2007

Dark Skate / LA River Broken Line

Lia Halloran, Dark Skate / LA River Broken Line, 2007

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