DCKT Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of our new gallery at 195 Bowery (at Spring Street) on the Lower East Side with the first New York solo exhibition by JOSH AZZARELLA. There will be a reception for the artist on Thursday, March 20th, 2008, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Through the manipulation of historical imagery, JOSH AZZARELLA creates stills and videos which radically alter the contexts and meanings of images ingrained in the public conscience. How individual and collective memories form, the possibilities of confusing memories with realities or creating memories where none previously existed are all key to his oeuvre.

In his still photographs, AZZARELLA erases important features of iconic images to create an alternate history. Untitled #39 (265) takes as its source John Filo’s Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of the 1970 Kent State shootings. Instead of Mary Anne Vecchio screaming as she kneels over the slain body of Jeffery Miller, the viewer is presented with an image of students walking through the university campus as if nothing has happened. Untitled #23 (Lynndied) shows cigarette-clenching U.S. Army reservist Lynndie England in an empty hallway finger-gun pointing and giving the “thumbs up” sign. Missing are the naked, hooded Abu Ghraib prisoners she humiliated and was later convicted of maltreating.

AZZARELLA assiduously modifies video and film footage frame-by-frame to rewrite history. Untitled #9 (W.T.P.1) uses the well-known Jules Naudet video footage from 9/11 of American Airlines Flight 11. Rather than crashing into the North tower of the World Trade Center, the plane flies harmlessly past the buildings. The artist not only erases the impact of the aircraft, but he also reconstructs the towers and allows the flight to continue.

Using an altogether different technique, AZZARELLA’s abstract videos transform painful footage into something more quiet, subtle and hopeful. Rather than re-creating history, AZZARELLA successively layers each individual frame, causing the scene to unfold slowly and obfuscating what transpires. Untitled #8, one of his most harrowing works to date, shows a dark object in the center of an azure field. The shape slowly morphs and changes but always remains at the center of the screen, endlessly floating. The image is in fact that of a person jumping from one of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

AZZARELLA was the recipient of the 2006 Emerging Artist Award and a solo exhibition from The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (Ridgefield, CT). He has been in group exhibitions at venues including Western Bridge (Seattle, WA), the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (IN) and the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum (New Brunswick, NJ).

The exhibition will be on view at DCKT Contemporary, 195 Bowery (at Spring Street). Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 6pm; Saturday, noon to 6pm; Sunday, noon to 5pm. For further information, please contact Dennis Christie or Ken Tyburski at the gallery.


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Modern Art Obsession (part 1)

Modern Art Obsession (part 2)

Josh Azzarella

March 21 - May 17, 2008
Opens March 20, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Installation Views


Untitled #8

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #8, 2004

Untitled #9 (W.T.P.1)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #9 (W.T.P.1), 2006

Untitled #32 (Phoenix)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #32 (Phoenix), 2007

Untitled #36 (Loan)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #36 (Loan), 2007

Untitled #46 (The Awful Grace of God)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #46 (The Awful Grace of God), 2007

Untitled #23 (''Lynndied'')

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #23 (''Lynndied''), 2006

Untitled #13 (AHSF)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #13 (AHSF), 2006

Untitled #15 (Tank Man)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #15 (Tank Man), 2006

Untitled #19 (My Lai)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #19 (My Lai), 2006

Untitled #25 (Iwo Jima)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #25 (Iwo Jima), 2006

Untitled #28 (CE 133-B)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #28 (CE 133-B), 2006

Untitled #38 (Bryan)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #38 (Bryan), 2007

Untitled #39 (265)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #39 (265), 2007

Untitled #43 (PAR115311)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #43 (PAR115311), 2007

Untitled (SSG Fredrick)

Josh Azzarella, Untitled (SSG Fredrick), 2008

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