DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present new photo-sculptures by Isidro Blasco. In his current body of work, “Thinking About That Place”, Blasco photographes the apartment and building he and his family inhabit and creates three-dimensional constructions with common building materials.

Blasco’s photographs are investigations of his personal spaces, both home and professional. The artist’s bedrooms, studios, and bathrooms are transformed into public spaces. The images in these works are not direct photographs of the spaces. The original digital photographs are displayed on his monitor and Blasco then photographs this image. These “images of images” create a disconnect between what is real and what is not, always veiling what is real. Hallways spiral into each other, stairs suddenly drop off and windows look to nothing. Blasco’s work is a new paradigm through which we view these remembered spaces. Blasco’s use of common building materials (drywall, wood, nails, clamps, etc.) emphasizes the construction involved in making these works. Blasco leaves nothing to hide: every beam and nail is visible.

As BLASCO recounts, “My first impression of New York was of this sudden accumulation of wood and paint and pipes and cables, a lot of material somehow wrapped together. All this seemed to me like it was made by a person who wasn’t following any specific directions from anyone. No plans. A person that was obsessed with the idea of filling up the surface just in front of him.” These first impressions of New York had a lasting influence on the artist’s work. The haphazard use of architecture challenges viewers to perceive new variants of space and the resulting sculptures are a three dimensional, physical archive of his memories of these places.

A complimentary installation to this exhibition, also titled Thinking About That Place, is on view at SculptureCenter, Long Island City. Blasco presents a large-scale re-creation of his Manhattan apartment using light, construction materials, photographs, and video, creating a displaced home away from home. This installation is on view through April 11, 2004.

Blasco has received numerous awards and grants including the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in Visual Arts, New York, (2000); Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Studio Residency Italy (2002); “In the Public Realm” Public Art Fund Grant (2002/03); and in spring 2004 will be exhibiting in Espacio Uno” MNCARS (Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid).

Isidro Blasco

DCKT Contemporary
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