DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present new works by MARIA E. PIÑERES. In her current body of work, PIÑERES stitches images culled from snapshots of friends, celebrity portraits, shoes, and 70’s erotica set against her re-creations of familiar textile patterns.

Although using the technique of needlepoint, PIÑERES does not make her works following the typical conventions of the genre. Her source materials include personal photographs and magazine pictures that she then stitches freehand, making no pre-meditated marks on the canvas. Flat, glossy source images are thus transformed into beautifully textured cloth. PIÑERES’ imagery is not that of traditional needlepoint. Instead of a classic sampler or commercial designs, many of her images depict nude subjects in sexually suggestive poses. PIÑERES has said of her inspiration: “I prefer the body type and photographic aesthetics of pin-ups from the 70’s. I also include celebrity portraits because I like that they are universally familiar images and reference Pop art.” There is a fetishistic aspect to PIÑERES’ work that relates them to each other.

Most of PIÑERES background patterns relate to textiles: camouflage, flower and animal skin prints, as well as classic fabrics such as plaid, herringbone and houndstooth. Her work is noticeably influenced by iconic textile designers. The 50’s and 60’s technicolor patterns of Emilio Pucci, Lilly Pulitzer, and Vera Neumann as well as the current designs of Missoni and Burberry can all be seen in her work. Her use of non-traditional color combinations, unruly stitches, and radical images break the inherent rules of needlepoint.

This is PIÑERES solo debut in New York. Her work was previously shown in the group show “Title” at Exit Art, New York, NY curated by Nicole Eisenman in 2002. PIÑERES received her BFA in Illustration from the Parsons School of Design, New York, NY.


Complot Magazine

Embroidery 2005



Maria E. Pineres

March 9 - April 10, 2004



Maria E. Piñeres, Stephen, 2004

Seated Plaid Man

Maria E. Piñeres, Seated Plaid Man, 2004

Pastel Squares

Maria E. Piñeres, Pastel Squares, 2004

Origami Man

Maria E. Piñeres, Origami Man, 2004

Origami Mami

Maria E. Piñeres, Origami Mami, 2004


Maria E. Piñeres, J.T., 2004

Green Plaid

Maria E. Piñeres, Green Plaid, 2004

Eminem Mug Shot

Maria E. Piñeres, Eminem Mug Shot, 2004


Maria E. Piñeres, Debbie, 2004

Cowboy & M.C. Man

Maria E. Piñeres, Cowboy & M.C. Man, 2004


Maria E. Piñeres, Amber, 2004

Stripe Tank

Maria E. Piñeres, Stripe Tank, 2003

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