DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present the debut solo exhibition of TIMOTHY TOMPKINS. The paintings explore consumerism in contemporary society and allude to previous art historical themes and practices. TOMPKINS begins by digitally altering his own photographs, breaking the images down to between 12 and 15 core colors and blurring the contours. TOMPKINS then uses high-gloss commercial enamel sign paint on aluminum panels to execute his paintings. The quick-drying nature of the paint, manufactured by 1 Shot, enhances its expressive liquidity and materiality. Often, the contours of the underdrawing and small areas of the aluminum support are still visible, as if the image is still forming.

For his Oil Rigs, TOMPKINS photographed platforms rising from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California during different weather conditions and times of day. Oil Rigs – Sunset Effect is emblazoned with deep oranges and browns while a fiery setting sun begins its descent below the horizon. In contrast, the colors of Oil Rigs – Overcast Effect are washed out purples and pinks with a barely discernible difference between sky and horizon. The oil rigs in each painting clearly reference Claude Monet’s Haystacks yet TOMPKINS brings a thoroughly contemporary approach to Monet’s study of shade and color variance. The paintings also allude to the economics of our ongoing need for fuel and desires of wealth, much as Monet’s Haystacks did over a century ago.

Other paintings in this exhibition include still-lives composed and photographed in the seasonal aisles of Target, an architectural study of the Sears tower in Los Angeles, and a genre painting staged in an Ikea. TOMPKINS’ art historical references in each of these works further the dialog between contemporary consumerism and the classical themes of painting.

TOMPKINS’ work is currently on view in a group show at ACME in Los Angeles through May 1, 2004. In 2003, his work was seen in the 18th exhibition of “New American Talent” curated by Dominic Molon (Associate Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago).

Timothy Tompkins

April 22 - May 22, 2004


Oil Rigs - Sunset Effect

Timothy Tompkins, Oil Rigs - Sunset Effect, 2004

Oil Rigs - Overcast Effect

Timothy Tompkins, Oil Rigs - Overcast Effect, 2004

Sears - Afternoon Sun Effect

Timothy Tompkins, Sears - Afternoon Sun Effect, 2003

Target Still Life - Winter (after Chardin)

Timothy Tompkins, Target Still Life - Winter (after Chardin), 2004

Target Still Life - Spring (after Chardin)

Timothy Tompkins, Target Still Life - Spring (after Chardin), 2004

Ikea Kitchen and Dining (After Vermeer) v.2.0

Timothy Tompkins, Ikea Kitchen and Dining (After Vermeer) v.2.0, 2004

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