DCKT Contemporary is pleased to announce a two person show of works by HILLEVI BAAR and PAMELA HARRIS. Each artist begins with the act of drawing, venturing in different directions with their work.

HILLEVI BAAR begins by drawing delicately rendered patterns in colored pencil and ink on translucent materials such as Mylar or vellum. As she develops the patterns, she begins to think of the paper in sculptural terms, shaping them into the objects she envisions. In Blue Willow, BAAR composed an elaborate drawing of blues and grays on Mylar. She then cut the Mylar into almond shapes and attached them to wires, allowing them to gracefully cascade down to the floor like falling leaves. In other works she has cut the support into repetitive patterns, allowing the work to fan out like an accordion, or folded the paper origami-like, displaying them on shelves. The quiet simplicity of her work belies the elaborate construction.

PAMELA HARRIS examines systems and patterns and how they cycle and replicate. HARRIS creates her works with the repetitious use of a single gesture. By adapting basic architectural principles of construction and deconstruction to her technique, elaborate and seemingly three-dimensional images are formed. Each layer of pastel or charcoal supports, joins, enhances, or disguises another layer. Her process creates random mutations suggesting new elements. In 022004, layers of charcoal and pastels in deep reds and oranges form a virtually kinetic cloud of recorded gestures. The beauty and delicacy of the work is expertly balanced with its tendency to almost spin out of control.

With completely different end results, each artist exposes the systems and patterns that go into making their work. While BAAR takes two-dimensional works and makes them physically three-dimensional with a series of systems and processes, HARRIS focuses on making her work appear three-dimensional by using her own series of systems and processes.

Hillevi Baar / Pamela Harris

July 1 - August 27, 2004


Blue Willow

Hillevi Baar, Blue Willow, 2004


Hillevi Baar, Choker, 2004

Red Burst

Hillevi Baar, Red Burst, 2004


Pamela Harris, 8964, 2004


Pamela Harris, 9220, 2004


Pamela Harris, 20932, 2004

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