DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present WILLIAM SWANSON’s debut New York solo exhibition. For Landscape Modification SWANSON has produced a series of paintings along with a site-specific installation.

SWANSON’s work attempts to visualize the workings of modern, post-industrial landscapes by hovering the line between landscape and abstraction, between the real and the synthetic. Using a palette that is both soothing and insolent, SWANSON’s paints recognizable forms combined with abstract marking. The results are illusory images that suggest the familiar as well as the fantastic.

In his paintings, SWANSON combines vividly colored abstractions with images influenced by Pop culture, Japanese animation, science fiction, architecture, nature, and music. In “Flow Schematic”, splashes of color morph into trees of kaleidoscopic hues while drips of paint combine to create waterfalls of pigment that splash upon graduated blocks of color reminiscent of mid-century cantilevered architecture. In “Habitat Grouping”, day-glo colors of pink and orange outline the skyline of a cityscape framed by a sea of dusty-blue. Sitting precariously on top of this window is an otherworldly, synthetic garden that blooms in shades of black and grey, the colors one would normally associate with a cityscape. The effect is a warping of space that thrusts the viewer into different perspectives.

With his work, SWANSON presents us with a world in which nature, technology, and architecture have been combined to become indistinguishable from each other. Through this hybridization of subject matter, SWANSON has achieved in representing a utopian future in which all the elements of our world feed into each other and space becomes flexible.

William Swanson

Landscape Modification
September 7 - October 2, 2004

Installation Views


Decomposition Potential

William Swanson, Decomposition Potential, 2004

Threshold Template

William Swanson, Threshold Template, 2004

Habitat Grouping

William Swanson, Habitat Grouping, 2004

Flow Schematic

William Swanson, Flow Schematic, 2004

Activity Structure

William Swanson, Activity Structure, 2004

Mass Distribution

William Swanson, Mass Distribution, 2004

Natural Enclosure

William Swanson, Natural Enclosure, 2004

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