DCKT Contemporary is pleased to announce TONY de los REYES’ first New York solo exhibition The Strange Tale of Near & Far. Working with oil alkyd in a palette of blues and whites reminiscent of Delftware, Toile de Jouy, and 18th century chinoiserie, de los REYES’ latest series depicts scenes from a mythical Baroque journey involving ships, oceanic passages and fertile lands.

de los REYES works with a viscous, industrial oil alkyd paint that he drips onto wood panels. The paint is applied in clearly formed reservoirs of blue and white which he then drags into forms through the use of a wood stylus. Upon close inspection this highly delicate technique, which relies on no small part to gravity and chance, produces a highly abstract field of fluid forms. When viewed from a distance the paintings appear solid and figurative. These pools of varying shades of blues form waves, ships, and bouquets which are most often set within expansive fields of white, unanchored by linear space.

In de los REYES’ paintings, the images themselves come from a variety of sources, all historical, which are combined and altered to form an abbreviated narrative involving exotic places and the desire to reach them. In Sweep, a full-rigged ship with its sails torn off is practically horizontal and obviously in dire straits. One gets the sense this might be the crew’s last journey. The creamy whites and cool blues of the painting belie the intensity with which this image resonates. It is with duality that de los REYES seems to be most intrigued, whether it is the duality of the at once abstract and figurative image or the duality of the coolness of his palate against the rugged intensity of the image.

Tony de los Reyes

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