DCKT Contemporary is pleased to announce DAVID LEFKOWITZ’s first New York solo exhibition, Improvised Structures. Working with watercolor and colored pencil on corrugated cardboard, LEFKOWITZ renders architectural structures that hover between abstract geometric forms and literal renderings of stacks of cardboard boxes.

In this current body of work, LEFKOWITZ’s interest in the embodiment of certain contradictory ideas is readily apparent: the relation between object and image, the real and the ideal, as well as earnestness and parody. LEFKOWITZ references the utopian aspects of modernist architecture while suggesting a very practical approach to constructing shelter, specifically the use of a readily available waste product of consumer culture, cardboard. These Improvised Structures recall children’s playtime clubhouses and cardboard shelters used by the homeless as well as offer a new possibility for Modernism’s tenet of “architecture for the masses”.

The small scale work by LEFKOWITZ will be presented in a grid pattern with each drawing depicting an architectural structure made out of cardboard boxes. This work and its display recall the industrial architecture photographs of Bernd and Hilla Becher, the American vernacular imagery of Ed Ruscha as well as variations on modular forms by minimalist masters such as Sol Le Witt and Donald Judd. The large works, measuring as much as 6 × 12’, consist of several cardboard boxes pieced together and depicting a single construction. “Retreat Center” is a conference center that appears to sit alone on top of a hill. Some of the windows have cardboard flaps poking out while the roof sits unopened, exposing this already vulnerable edifice to more of the elements. It is with these touches that LEFKOWITZ brings a bit of playfulness to his meticulously rendered drawings and watercolors.

David Lefkowitz

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