DCKT Contemporary is pleased to announce ZOE CROSHER’s first New York solo exhibition, LA-Like. In this series, CROSHER continues photographing her native Los Angeles, this time focusing her lens on the decidedly photogenic Los Angeles subjects of sunlight and lush foliage.

CROSHER’s work continues investigating and documenting the transient icons of Los Angeles. Literally shooting into the sun as a starting point CROSHER begins each image by attempting to capture the overwhelming Los Angeles light. Shooting each image through windows or screens, she consciously chooses to interrupt a clean view of her subject, emphasizing her investigation of photography itself. CROSHER proceeds to manipulate light within the apparatus of the camera and the darkroom. Often the paper and the film is burned to the point of obfuscation, both physically and metaphorically. The photographs illicit the false promise of being blind-sided while allowing her to merge the metaphor of the physicality of the photographic medium with her investigations of temporality.

The show includes a series of ten images almost entirely blackened, except for faint shadows and beams of light pouring in and around corners and edges, like horror films or disaster scenarios. Black-Like #3, inspired by the great Los Angeles fires of 2003, depicts what appears to be the desert horizon during sunrise, ablaze in red hue. Also included are diptychs of large, seemingly abstract white images juxtaposed with images of artificial landscapes. Smaller-scale individual works will depict images of the fleeting “LA-Light”. In Acapulco Gold, the evening sunset is viewed though the slits of two drawn curtains.

Zoe Crosher

December 9, 2004 - January 15, 2005


Acapulco Gold

Zoe Crosher, Acapulco Gold, 2004

LA Jungle-Like

Zoe Crosher, LA Jungle-Like, 2004


Zoe Crosher, LA-Like, 2004

LA Moon-Like

Zoe Crosher, LA Moon-Like, 2004

LA Glitter-Like

Zoe Crosher, LA Glitter-Like, 2004

LA Black-Like 1

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 1, 2004

LA Black-Like 2

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 2, 2004

LA Black-Like 3

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 3, 2004

LA Black-Like 4

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 4, 2004

LA Black-Like 5

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 5, 2004

LA Black-Like 6

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 6, 2004

LA Black-Like 8

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 8, 2004

LA Black-Like 9

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 9, 2004

LA Black-Like 10

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 10, 2004

LA Black-Like 11

Zoe Crosher, LA Black-Like 11, 2004

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