DCKT Contemporary is pleased to announce KIM KRANS’ first New York solo exhibition …but whatever it was, it came out of the trees. Drawing, painting and collaging fur, leather, metal, sequins, feathers, and beads, KRANS creates suspenseful landscape compositions with highly-charged emotional impact. On view will be two large scale works along with a series of smaller drawings.

In her work KRANS uses a combination of techniques to produce her sublime landscapes. She begins with a traditional, descriptive line to define elements within the landscape such as foliage, grass, or branches. She then uses hatching to define space through obsessive repetition. In No Name Ocean KRANS has used this technique to create the ocean horizon by drawing thousands of horizontal lines for the desired shading and perspective. It is the third step, where she uses collage and layering, to break away from the logic of traditional drawing and historic landscape painting practices. KRANS builds up the collaged areas with these additive elements to build up texture then tears into these layered areas to create a literal depth to the work. In Fireblight, the inside of the dead stump is torn away as if the image itself was infected with the deadly disease. It is with this looser handling of line and collage that three dimensional aspects of the works take form.

KRANS’ inspiration draws from fantasy, memory, and cinema, as well as historical painters such as Turner and genres such as the Romantics and the Hudson River School. Like these past artists, KRANS is interested in how the perceptual effects of light and color emerge as objects of contemplation in their own right. She adds to this dialog by introducing the three-dimensional element of collage. The lack of life in the works is also essential to draw the viewer in more deeply to the image and transfer their own presence further into the work.

Kim Krans is currently a second year MFA candidate at Hunter College.

Kim Krans

…but whatever it was, it came out of the trees
January 20 - February 26, 2005



Kim Krans, Fireblight, 2004


Kim Krans, Moonshiner, 2004

No Name Ocean

Kim Krans, No Name Ocean, 2004

The Secrets! The Spears!

Kim Krans, The Secrets! The Spears!, 2004

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