Sophie Crumb, Davis/Langlois, Tom Fabritius, Tom Gallant, Lia Halloran, Portia Hein, Rashid Johnson, Marcel Van Eeden

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen represent a manufactured world of blonde tips, fake tans, BeDazzler™-ed jeans, overexposure and false idolization. The works on paper in this group exhibition challenge concepts derived from lyrics in the famed Olsen Twins song Sore Feet, asserting “they had to fit just right, not too loose, not too tight.” Although their song ranks 111,481st on the Amazon hit list, these twins are the idols of multitudes of young girls worldwide. This manufactured universe, once just a job for publicists and agents, is now a central concern of today’s society

The works selected for Not Too Loose and Not Too Tight demonstrate how the real world tends to dissolve into a daydream, as a shadow of today’s ersatz reality. Tom Gallant’s climbing rose constructed of cut porn defies the innocence of youth as well as the origin of it’s craft. The subjects in watercolors by Tom Fabritius are taken directly from television and offer us an overview of the media’s presence in our lives. Portia Hein summons up the sensations of a remembered childhood outdoors, running in the grass, lying in a field, catching your breath under the midday sun. The graphite works of Marcel Van Eeden reference photographs taken before his birth in an effort to describe a world in which he never inhabited. Racial boundaries are crossed and questioned in Rashid Johnson’s work with his use of iconic symbols of today’s cultures mixed with traditional presentation, chronicling the existence of ethnic stereotypes. Davis/Langlois’ bold images make one moment explode through the use of color-washed backgrounds and a strong focus on the subject. A self-portrait by Sophie Crumb is a raw characterization of the artist in an introspective setting with colors and perspective as detailed as the reaction it provokes. Lia Halloran’s images seem to linger as gracefully in the air as they do in the mind, portraying twisted environments that appear to be on different planes through just a few of the artists gentle strokes.

Not Too Loose and Not Too Tight brings back a sense of reality to a society that has been diluted with teen idols, airbrushing, and Botox® injections. The strong images in this exhibition command a response. The images cannot simply be tailored to fit to the society we have destined ourselves to create, the overly tanned, malnourished glitterati world of the Olsen twins.

Not too Loose and Not Too Tight

DCKT Contemporary

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