In My Empire Life is Sweet includes work by Rosana Castrillo Díaz, Augusto Di Stefano, and Dan Steinhilber, each of whom soften seriality to the point of dissolution. Green selected the three artists because their work builds on the seriality of Minimalists such as Carl Andre and Donald Judd, who repeated forms with hard, jutting masculine edges and shapes dominated by 90-degree angles. Each artist included in In My Empire Life is Sweet repeats forms, but they do it so quietly that their work almost disintegrates before the eye. Only with close, careful viewing do the repeated forms – and the works themselves – become clear.

Each artist uses different materials. Dan Steinhilber and Rosana Castrillo Díaz both use everyday items in their art. For In My Empire Life is Sweet, Steinhilber’s installation will feature an untitled work from 2003. It is a semi-tapestry made up of hundreds of overlaid clear, plastic duck sauce packets hung flat against the wall. Castrillo Díaz will exhibit one of her tape installations, a version of which was recently on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The work is from Castrillo Díaz’ “Tape Drawing” series, and will be made up of a barely-visible web of tape, suspended from a few anchors in the wall. Di Stefano will show recent paintings that recall the sculptural potential in rich oil paint.

Rosana Castrillo Díaz is one of four recipients of the 2004 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SECA award. Castrillo Díaz has exhibited throughout the Bay Area, including SFMOMA’s biennial SECA exhibition and Warped Space at the California College of Arts’ Wattis Gallery. She is included in Wall to Wall Drawings: Selections Summer 2005 at The Drawing Center, New York, from June 18-July 30. Castrillo Díaz lives and works in San Francisco.

Augusto Di Stefano was featured in Come Forward, the Dallas Museum of Art’s recent exhibition of Texas artists. Di Stefano’s work was recently acquired by the Altoids Curiously Strong Collection and will be on view in a future exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. In January and February, 2006, Di Stefano will be an artist-in-residence at ArtPace, in San Antonio, and his work will be exhibited there in March, 2006. In 2004, Kori Newkirk included Di Stefano in his ArtForum “Top Ten.” He lives and works in San Antonio.

Dan Steinhilber has had a one-person exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and his work is included in their permanent collection. In 2006, Steinhilber will have a one-person exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston and will create a site-specific installation at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh. Steinhilber lives and works in Washington, DC.

Tyler Green is the U.S. art critic for Bloomberg News. Green has also written and edited Modern Art Notes (MAN) since September 2001. Hosted by, magazines such as Slate and Art in America have recognized MAN as one of the top art blogs. Green is a member of the International Association of Art Critics.

In My Empire Life is Sweet

curated by Tyler Green
June 24 - August 12, 2005



Dan Steinhilber, Untitled, 2005

Behavior (Model Four)

Augusto Di Stefano, Behavior (Model Four), 2004

Behavior and Location (Model Five)

Augusto Di Stefano, Behavior and Location (Model Five), 2004

Untitled 2003

Dan Steinhilber, Untitled 2003, 2005

Untitled (tape drawing)

Rosana Castrillo Diaz, Untitled (tape drawing), 2005

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