Christina RAY invites you to damage DCKT Contemporary by proxy through her enactment of collected requests. Prior to the opening of the show, the DAMAGE interactive website will allow visitors to mark a spot to be damaged on a virtual map of the gallery and to submit a message, poem, story or other text relating to the concept of damage. Based on the submissions, RAY will inflict physical damage points on the actual wall space which will generate the pattern for a large-scale wall drawing.

RAY will execute the wall drawing April 1 – 7 and the gallery will be open to the public while she works. The collected damage messages will inform an audio environment designed by RAY and Brooklyn-based band My Best Fiend. A video piece relating to the installation co-produced by RAY and music video director Robin Antiga will be screened as well. RAY will also present a series of studies for the wall drawing as part of the exhibition.

DAMAGE builds on RAY’s previous work in which she utilized observed actions of urban pedestrians and street traffic as public space pattern generators for drawings. As action-at-a-distance turns into something real, the participants will become materially connected to the interior space. The roughed-up wall surface, painted paths and acoustic triggers will translate the participants’ web experience of clicking and typing into a tactile, located experience. The inclusion of the public as well as a production team for the web, audio, and video components of the exhibition reflects Ray’s process of working collaboratively, which is an important element of her practice.

Christina Ray

April 1 - May 6, 2006
Opens April 7, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Damage Study 0001 [Robin Antiga]

Christina Ray, Damage Study 0001 [Robin Antiga], 2006

Damage Study 0002 [Jon Hoff]

Christina Ray, Damage Study 0002 [Jon Hoff], 2006

Damage Study 0003 [Lee Walton]

Christina Ray, Damage Study 0003 [Lee Walton], 2006

Damage Study 0004 [Jules Higgs]

Christina Ray, Damage Study 0004 [Jules Higgs], 2006

Damage Study 0007 [Natesh Pothalingam]

Christina Ray, Damage Study 0007 [Natesh Pothalingam], 2006

Damage Study 0014 [Sebastian Widmann]

Christina Ray, Damage Study 0014 [Sebastian Widmann], 2006

Sheetrock Study #0001

Christina Ray, Sheetrock Study #0001, 2006

Sheetrock Study #0002

Christina Ray, Sheetrock Study #0002, 2006

Sheetrock Study #0003

Christina Ray, Sheetrock Study #0003, 2006

Sheetrock Study #0004

Christina Ray, Sheetrock Study #0004, 2006

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