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How to Design a Beautiful Living Area for Your Family Dog

Do you own a family dog? It is critical to ensure your dog has a safe space to stay in the living room. Since it is a dog, you need to make sure your dog feels at home. You will need to reorganize your living area to find an appropriate place for your dog. Some people think the process is expensive. However, it is possible to create a beautiful living area for your dog affordably.

Why the Living Area?

There are other various rooms that you can decide to create a dog space. So why should you prefer the living room? Dogs are generally social animals. They like staying where everyone else is seated. The living room is the best place putting into consideration that the dog will feel more at home where people gather.

You have to make sure that your dog feels at home. One way of doing so is by creating their area within the living room. Dogs love to have a space that is exclusively theirs.

In addition to making the dog feel like part of the family, the dog area may add to the beauty of the living room. Designing the dog area well adds decorative features to the entire living room.

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Living Area

1. Determine A Suitable Place

You need to determine where the dog area will be in the living room. Pick a location that does not have much traffic. This will ensure that the dog will be able to rest in peace. Dogs do not need a lot of space. A small area will be enough. Pick a location where the dog will be near the family members. Do not alienate the dog by creating their area further from where the family seats.

2. The Safety Of The Dog

After choosing the suitable location, the next step is ensuring there is a safe environment for the dog. Look around the place selected to see if any materials may harm the dog. Depending on the age of your dog, provide a dog-proof environment.

Young dogs are at risk as they are likely to run around and play a lot. Remove hazardous materials such as electric cables and dustbins around the dog area. To ensure there is comfortable and bearable room temperature for your dog set the thermostat right to regulate temperature.

3. Mobilize Resources for your Dog’s Comfort

The family dog also needs to stay and relax on a comfortable surface. Make sure you find a soft bed for your dog. Dogs spend most of their time sleeping. Even if your dog is rambunctious and needs to reside in an escape proof dog crate, it’s essential to make sure that they are comfortable when resting.

You can add a blanket for burrowing purposes. Other times instead of the bed, you can use crates creatively. Get stylish dog bowls, food bowls, and toy boxes.

4. Decorate the Dog Area

The dog area has to look amazing and add to the décor of the entire living room. There are various economic ways that you can follow to make the place look spectacular. Create a murphy bed that has matching colors with those of the furniture in the living area. You can also opt for a cabinet and decorate it well.

Look for feeding mats with colorful shades. The toy chest is also good at adding to the scenery. Look for baskets with good matching colors and use them to store dog toys in the dog area. When you have tiled or polished living room floors, look for rubber mats. Find mats with beautiful colors and put them near the dog area to improve the safety of the dog.

There are many places within the living room that you can creatively design a dog area. Some of them include under the stairs or on luxury crates. You can decorate the walls around the dog area with creative artwork.

Contemporary Garage Design – Here are Some Tips to Keep In Mind

You probably already know that the garage was the birthplace of some of the top billion dollar companies in the world. Unfortunately, this life-changing living space is not given as much credit as it deserves. Why? Nobody knows.

So, maybe you just bought some property or moved in some new area and are thinking of customizing your garage with contemporary designs. It won’t be easy. Don’t worry though. Here are some few tips prepared exclusively just to help you out.

Always attach

One challenge when choosing a garage design is whether to go for a detached or attached garage. The detached might seem tempting, but it would be more advisable to go for an attached model. The first reason is convenience, especially during harsh weather conditions.

Just imagine your bathroom was a couple of meters from your house and you had to defecate, in winter! Get the picture?

Besides that, the attached garage has cheaper ventilation and electrical installation costs, thus enabling you to save some of that hard-earned cash.

Contrast for beauty

A contrasting look will definitely boost your garage’s overall look as compared to a plain uniform design. For starters, you could try using wooden doors and stone veneer siding. Not only would this fit your contrast needs, but it would also add a more natural outlook to your garage.

Additionally, you could also try painting. Warning! Don’t DIY this if you are not a professional painter. Try using vibrant colors for the garage doors and something soft for the outer regions.

Remember to use the right blends though or else you’ll end up with a circus. White and grey would not be a bad choice for a modern look.

Lo and behold, a disappearing act!

Automate your garage for more space. Now, this is not just garage doors but the entire garage floor as well. Yes, you can automate your floor by installing a disappearing underground car park, which will make your garage the new centerpiece of your entire property. For the doors, you can check out garage opener product reviews for great options.

With more space, you will be able to convert limited garage space into a car park, man cave, band room, or workspace simultaneously. It will cost you some extra bucks though.

Combine this with some little deluxe fittings and quality furniture and you’ll be on a whole other level of ‘bat cave’ cool! Perhaps even the new talk of the neighborhood.

Edge with style

Enough with the square garage! It’s time for something different, daring, and stylish. Edging your garage is great. In fact, the edgier your garage is the more stylish and elegant it looks. Here’s a challenge for you though. Be creative with your roofing. For instance, you could install double sloping roofs that slant in opposite sideways directions. Avoid the traditional front to back slope or central peaked slope.

In case you feel a bit daring, you could go for curved garage edges and walls to give you some sort of spaceship design. This will make your garage open up a little bit of room, not to mention increase its overall contemporary visual appeal. You’ll need to consult a garage architect to help you out.

Ultra Violet and Redefining Gender, Two Trends For Contemporary Art 2018

Contemporary Art changes all the time as artist and critics look for fresh and engaging ideas and mediums. You have artists that have been around for years and a fresh crop of artist every year looking to make a difference. In 2017 there have been several trends and themes in contemporary art that will spill over into 2018.

The Expansion of Gender

A little pink and a little light blue, a girl or a boy we are used to gender just being this. As children grow these days, there seems to be the interior self that may conflict with the body part with which one is born with this is trending. Also, LGBT and same-sex issues are very prevalent in contemporary art in 2018. If a person is confused about whether they are a male or female or who they should love, art is a way to express the stress and confusion this might cause a person.

Ultra Violet and Lots of Shades and Tints of Purple

Purple is synonymous with royalty, but in this case, Ultra-violet has more to do with ascension and peace. There will be a lot of purple in contemporary art as well as design. Not just any shade of purple, but add a little white or a little black, as well as a small amount of the other colors of the color wheel. This gives you an infinite amount of violets and purples you can use in art.

Artifical Inteligence, Technology, Android

Technology is no longer just something we use. It is a design and it is here to stay. The texture, shine, and futuristic look of artificial beings, tech products and ideas are all subjects for artists to explore and use in their artwork. The future is space and tech is today.

Repurposing The Old

If you are an environmentally conscious artist in 2018 contemporary art, you may not want to add to the cesspool of toxic things in this world. The idea of repurposing old materials and themes into art can create a visual explosion. Why reinvent the wheel when you can build on what already is. Melding modern with the old will continue in 2018 in contemporary art.

Art is a free for all field where you can create something amazing. It is an exciting year for 2018 in contemporary art. There are many exciting themes and ideas floating around. Not mentioned also is quiet space and the continuing ability to help people find peace away from the hectic crowded business life. There is no doubt you will find something intriguing in galleries and beyond in 2018 in contemporary art.