Lia Halloran: Paintings

Full Pipe Reverberation

Full Pipe Reverberation, 2008

Backside Diffusion

Backside Diffusion, 2007

Clover and Clamshell

Clover and Clamshell, 2007

Desert Nightlights

Desert Nightlights, 2007

Frontside Reflection

Frontside Reflection, 2007

Street Slant

Street Slant, 2007

Waterfall Spine

Waterfall Spine, 2007

Floating in Illumination

Floating in Illumination, 2006

Momentum with Purple Boundary

Momentum with Purple Boundary, 2006

Centripetal / Centrifugal

Centripetal / Centrifugal, 2006

The Magnetism, Push

The Magnetism, Push, 2006

Traveling Swiftly Through the Dark

Traveling Swiftly Through the Dark, 2005-2006

The Hydra

The Hydra, 2006

Challenger Lift Off Occurring in Orange Sky

Challenger Lift Off Occurring in Orange Sky, 2006

Challenger Explosion with Red Light

Challenger Explosion with Red Light, 2006

Knots and Magentism

Knots and Magentism, 2006

Green Illumination Amongst Large Knots

Green Illumination Amongst Large Knots, 2006

An Upward Motion in Ice

An Upward Motion in Ice, 2005

Magnetic Movements in Green

Magnetic Movements in Green, 2005

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